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On this day of 31st May 2016 , Mr Ajay Kumar Avasthi ADM (E) on behalf of the Controller of the college the District Magistratee Mr Rajesh Kumar launched the official College Website

as a Principal of Kishori Raman Girl's Degree College Mathura I welcome you to the official college Website This institution holds a place of pride amongst girl institutes established in the early era of post independence days. Today it can boast of an alumni in India and abroad, at home and at office. Though we offer limited courses yet the values that go alongside train our girl students to excel in any field they go. In present times advanced mode of learning has changed the concept of education.
Apart from academics framing a strong character and multidimensional character is what makes our students employable. Keeping this in mind character development and strong academics both are our focus areas.

In the past years the college has opened courses that develop skills in students coming from semi-rural belt around Mathura. Such students are not excellent at academics but they do make a mark in skills related to cottage industries and local talent.
Being inspired by the institutions around us the college has been Wi-Fi enabled, CCTV cameras have been installed and laboratories upgraded in the departments of Music, Drawing and Painting and Home-Science. Upgrading the department of Psychology is also in the pipeline.
This systematic change brings about an atmosphere conducive to learning in which both the teacher and the taught contribute towards a better learning process .We ensure to prepare our students for their life ahead.
Since 2001 our college is under the Controller i.e. the District Magistrate and the ADM(E) looks into the affairs as and when required .The college has crossed many a barrier with their support. Work for rain water harvesting, solar energy and pits for carbon - neutral waste are in propgress. Hopefully in a few months time the entire campus would become eco-friendly.
I am privileged to be a part of an institution that is devoted to the social cause of uplifting the status of girl - child in India. Wishing you all the best for an illustrious career ahead.

Prof Lucky Gupta


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Brij Nagar , Junction Road , MATHURA
Phone Number. No. 0565-2505950
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