our Alumni settled in US and on a visit to Mathura bumped at a wedding function in early 2016. Earlier read, now observed were in front of me three faces very much linked to the same memories as one by one they recollected names of teachers, friends & ancedotes of college times. Their behaviour made me nostalgic and disturbed. It did not let me sleep. as i thought how a very large number of our alumni must also be dreaming about their almamater desperate to know how it was faring and finally this idea rescued me. Through this page it is an open invitation to all our alumni to connect with the institution of your growing years, your batch mates and be a part of institutional growth. Welcome! Welcome Home!!

Top Scorers of 2015-16

  • Km. Varsha Agrawal BA-IIIrd
  • Km. Nidhi Tyagi BA-IIIrd
  • Km. Neelam Sharma BA-IIIrd
  • Km. Anjana Khatri BA-IIIrd
  • Km. Neha Agrawal BA-IInd
  • Km. Lovely Garg BA-IInd
  • Km. Sadhana BA-IInd
  • Km. Anjali Agrawal BA-Ist
  • Km. Chhaya Verma BA-Ist
  • Km. Prerna Sharma BA-Ist

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