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Mathura , famous for its religious heritage as one of the worlds ancient living cities more importantly associated with lord Krishna has over the years evolved as a major educational centre. In 1957 , when the country was reeling in the euphoric mood of independence , Shri Kishori Raman Thakurji started a chain of six
Kishori Raman Girls (PG) College
educational institute in Mathura. K.R Girls PG College is one of them . Inaugurated on the 21st of August 1957 it is the oldest female institution of Mathura District working relentlessly wards promoting the female fraction of the population.
The vast progress made during the last fifty years can seen in substantial growth of the institution both materially and academically. What started as a group of few hundred students now blooms with around two thousand five hundred taking education in different social sciences and languages. Home Science - Drawing and Painting , Psychology , Music Vocal and Instrumental are the Practical subjects with equipped laboratory where students can experiment as per their free time.

The college boasts of post-graduation in Psychology and Music Vocal. There is a separate department of B.Ed. for Teacher Education . The students of our institution constantly sparkle in merit of any kind, be it university results or contests of any kind at the university , state or national level. Students from our college have regularly been selected for the Republic Day Parade.

The College has a very elaborate library with reference books of a very high order , along with several Magazines and Research papers. There is a book Bank for poor students also. For the all round development of the students the annual competition week & sports meet is arranged on a regular basis. In the inter university and college contests in debate and essays the students have many a times bagged, trophies . Social service is ingrained along with academics through NSS Camps and Guiding. The College Magazine is published on a regular basics . Since the college shifted campus from a hired building to the present one a lot has changed from four rooms we now have a developbed campus .

The College has other ambitious development plans up its sleeve. Financial Assistance to the college during the XI plan period by the UGC will enable us to complete our dream projects of having common room for students and renovating the libary.

We owe all to them

  • Dr. Sarojini Kulshrestha Founder Principal 21.08.1957 - 1983
  • Dr. Leela Dharwarker 01.07.1983 to 10.01.1984
  • Dr. Madhu Seth 11.01.1984 to 31.06.2013
  • Dr. Asha Nutan Kulshrestha 01.07.2013 to 04.04.2015
  • Dr. Shobha Pathak 05.04.2015 to 03-12-2017
  • Dr. Ranjana Gupta 11.12.2017 ( In Chair )

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Brij Nagar , Junction Road , MATHURA
Phone Number. No. 0565-2505950
Email Id: krgmtr@gmail.com
Website : www.krgirlsdegreecollege.com

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